Tuesday, November 2, 2010

2008 Stadium Club

Recent trades help me add these Stadium Club cards from the 2008 set. I was never really interested in the entire set, but I find the photography of the retired players subset very interesting. I recently received the Roberto Clemente card from a fellow collector, K.C._Royals on The Bench to add to the Mantle card. The entire subset includes: 91 Jackie Robinson, 92 Mickey Mantle, 93 Ty Cobb, 94 Joe DiMaggio (cut-out *), 95 Honus Wagner, 96 Babe Ruth, 978 Nolan Ryan, 98 Roberto Clemente, 99 Ted Williams, 100 Tom Seaver * the DiMaggio picture was removed when a contract was signed with Upper Deck. If anyone has any cards from the subset please contact me.

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