Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Congratulations - 2010 World Series Champions!!!

This is a tribute to some of the great Giant players that came close, but never got to realize a world championship since the Giants moved to San Francisco (check out Sully Baseball for a blog listing additional great Giants from past years). My dad was a dedicated Giants fan and followed them after their move to the coast until he passed away in the early 70's. Even to this day, I still have painful memories of the 1962 World Series. From my San Francisco Giants collection, clockwise from the upper left, 2002 Topps Pristine #141 Willie 'Say Hey' Mays, 1965 Topps #176 Willie 'Stretch' McCovey, 1970 Topps #425 Bobby Bonds, 1966 Topps #132 Orlando 'Baby Bull' Cepeda, 2001 Topps Noteworthy #TN7 Barry Bonds, 1967 Topps #320 Gaylord Perry, 1987 Topps #420 Will 'The Thrill' Clark, 1970 Kelloggs #13 Juan Marichal, the logo in the center is a 1974 or 1975 Fleer cloth logo sticker (according to The Fleer Sticker Project).
Congratulations to Edgar Renteria, Tim Lincecum and the rest of the 2010 San Francisco Giants!!!

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